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Winning With Nox-2's

Win the battle of asset tracking with SimplyRFiD's Nox-2 RFID tags. These ultra-performance RFID tags have super long read ranges from 40-60 feet!  This read range is optimized on non-metal surfaces as the tags perform the best on file folders, cardboard or plastic shipping containers. 

The tag comes in two parts, one being the RFID tag itself (4"x0.6") and an extra barcoded tag being the "traveler" measuring 4"x1".  The traveler is great for internal record keeping (sending to finance so they have a record of each tagged asset) or place the traveler outside a box/container so you don't have to open each container in the case you don't have an RFID tag on hand.

Buy some Nox-2's and get a bag of M&M's FREE!

By the way, GO REDSKINS! (first preseason game tonight vs the Pittsburgh Steelers!)



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