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Automated RFID Beats the Alternative

Some people prefer to drive a car with a manual transmission. It's usually cheaper upfront and having the ability to manually shift gears gives the driver more control over his vehicle. In this scenario, the driver has considerable experience driving a manual and knows how to properly handle it. But, what if an inexperienced driver were to take the wheel with little or no training?
Although using an automatic may be a little more expensive, it is more predictable and much simpler for the person driving it. It does not require the person to have any special knowledge and simply functions as one would expect it to. With this in mind, we designed our Item-level RFID system to work for anyone and everyone. In a world where multi-tasking is essential, our system is simple, straight forward, and automatic so you can focus on the other demanding parts of your job.
Our Item-Level RFID System consists of three main components: The Item-Level PrinterThe Pack Table, and the Palletizer Station. This week we are highlighting the Palletizer Station. Using any pre-existing shrink-wrap machine we can create an RFID hotspot which scans your entire pallet as it spins during the shrink-wrapping process.




1. It's much harder to make a mistake. 

 Our system will alert you to errors. Nox will refuse to pack a case or finish a pallet if the incorrect items have been added or if a case has been under-packed or over-packed. This prevents new or untrained employees from incorrectly packing shipments.

2. It saves time

Manually scanning each RFID label individually takes a lot of time and defeats the purpose of using RFID to begin with. With the palletizer you are simply make an existing process more efficient by adding RFID to it. It's less work for you and it scans twice as fast as a handheld!

3. It's cheaper in the long run.

While a barcode or handheld RFID system is cheaper upfront, a palletizer will save you money in the long term. It allows orders to be completed more quickly, which means your customer gets their products sooner and you paid faster. When time=$, efficiency is key.



See How A RFID Tracking System Changed This College

Tracking, ordering, and managing inventory can be a daunting task in any business, but especially in a college that has approximately 40,000 students. The University of Southern California (USC) housing office has to regularly keep track and maintain nearly 60,000 pieces of furniture and appliances at both on and off campus facilities. With rumors of items swapping designated areas USC tasked Simply RFID with the mission of figuring how to simplify their tracking process and put these rumors to rest. Simply RFID’s tracking solution did that and much more. Check out the link below for the full article and more details. 


Click here to see RFID Journal's artical about USC and their RFID tracking system



One Stop DoD Shop

We know the pain of having to shop around at different vendors. It's much easier when everything comes from the same place, especially when you are small business with limited resources. When everything has the same tracking information, same arrival date, and only requires one invoice to pay, life is much easier. At SimplyRFiD you can get everything you need in order to comply with all of the DoD shipping mandates in one place. 

We have UIDsMSLsPre-programmed RFIDUnit Packs, and more! The best part is that we ship them out the very same day the order is placed. 

We make DoD compliance EASY and FAST!


Call us today to place an order or get a quote! 703.343.1689



Every wonder why the Department of Defense requires you to tag all of your shipments with RFID? The truth is that RFID makes the whole receiving process much easier and allows the DoD to pay it's suppliers significantly faster.

RFID is a great automatic data collection tool, providing end-to-end visibility of assets allowing much more efficient shipping, receiving, and inventory management processes.  Visibility includes "in the box" content as assets are tagged at the box and pallet level, sometimes even tagged at item-level.

Here’s how RFID helps the DoD:

  • Faster receipt and acceptance of assets. RFID provides instant verification of # of assets.
  • Enhanced inventory management. RFID is ~100x faster than barcodes.
  • Improved efficiency in recall of defective items. RFID allows simple tracking the source of assets.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs. Thanks to RFID automatically tracing calibration dates.

If you need RFID tags for your DoD shipments, gives us call at +1 703.343.1689 or email support@simplyrfid.com and place your order today!   


The Handheld RFID Verifier

Why Do You Need It? 

  1. Mil-Spec RequirementThe DoD requires your RFID shipment tags can read from 10' or more. Nox Vault RFID Verifier will demonstrate to cranky QAR's that your RFID tags are-in-compliance.
  2. ISO / Business Process Quality Compliance: How do you know your tags are compliant, encoded, and working correctly? The Nox Vault will become an integral part of your business processes to ensure a quality tagging and shipping process.
  3. Item-Level shipping or Large Case-to-Pallet shipments: The Nox Vault Verifier can dynamically build pallets of shipment data and automatically transmit that data to the WAWF and VIM-ASAP. (Requires NoxOnline backend to process data / transmit). The Nox Vault is the #1 DoD shipping handheld in use today and processes more than 3,000,000 shipments per year.



What's Included?

  • NoxVault Handheld RFID Reader - UHF Generation 2
  • Nox Software: Designed to decode DoD RFID tags and show proof to your QAR that your tags meet the DoD Requirements
  • Weight: 2.7lbs, Size: 8"x5"x9", 
  • Durability: IP63 Rated
  • Speed: 190 RFID Tag Reads Per Second at an average read range of 20' (on AD-223 inlay)
  • Batteries: 2 -- Average 1.5Hr run time per battery
  • Battery Charger: Double Charger
  • WiFi b/g
  • RS232
  • USB (ActiveSync)
  • Barcode: 1D/2D Barcode scanner
  • 3.5" Color display
  • Windows CE5.0.
  • One Year Premium Support
  • Complete pre-configuration with a build sheet so you can plug-it-in and start tracking! 

Get a quote and start tracking tomorrow. OR you can buy it now!